Hopefully the above graphic is correct for the Northwoods!  8 plus inches expected this Thursday evening into Saturday.  Think Snow to keep the season open.  

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Cross country cruisers Trail Report for 02/23/2017
Cross Country Cruisers trails have taken a big hit with this last round of warm weather. But, what is this we see in the forecast!! Who do you believe, is it really going to happen, is it just a false alarm, just another time for us snow lovers to get our hopes up just to see it track to our south our fizzle out to a dusting. Well I for one want to believe we will be riding again this weekend in the great Northwood`s!!
Depending on which meteorologist you chose to follow or believe it looks like Cruiser country is in the line of a good solid 8”. Some even saying as much as 12”.
There are several bare spots on our trails as of this morning and some ponding of water in some low areas. If, or should I be optimistic and say when we get this new snow a lot of these areas will improve but some caution should be taken. We will be back to some early season like conditions, but I believe there will be some good riding again this weekend and into next week. We will resume some limited grooming this weekend and try and get the trails back into good condition. Also our volunteers that mark the lakes have reported some of the markers have fallen down. They have been back out and replaced many of them but there may be a few missing so again use some extra caution. There is also some standing water in some areas on the lakes hopefully these will freeze over again with the incoming colder temps.
There is also going to be some logging starting Monday the 27th on Corridor 17 between Hwy 51 and Vandercook on the Trilby Trail. There have been signs posted with logging ahead and trucks hauling. Please slow down and stay to the right in this area!
So if you’re looking for one more ride this season, pack those bags make your reservations and head north! Our area businesses and club supporters look forward to seeing you again. As always Ride Right Ride Safe!

Steve Wolfe

This is being shared from a sister club, The Sno-Eagles, Eagle River……………….

The barrels have been pulled from both Catfish Lake Loop & Eagle Lake Trail. Advise not to ride. If you do it is at your own risk.





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