We, along with other Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs, provide approximately 25,000 miles of some of the best trails in the United States for you, the snowmobiler.
In Wisconsin, each county has a county level association or alliance which is made up of almost all of the local clubs. The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) is the state level organization with directors from each county level organization. Snowmobiler rights and regulations protecting these rights are addressed at the AWSC level from local club feedback.

Every mile of trail in the State of Wisconsin is made possible – not at the State or County level – but at the local Club level. The Cross Country Cruisers Club is responsible for 90 plus miles of these trails here in Vilas and Oneida Counties. Some of these trails run over State land, but a good portion run over private land.

How do we get theses trails and where does the time and money come from to make this all possible? To start with, every hour that is worked by a club member is time that is donated. Our season starts each year in September when the volunteers are out brushing and clearing the trails. Many hours are spent negotiating with landowners for the use of their land for the trails. Once We get enough snow to open the trails, and until the trails are closed at the end of the season, We must groom these 90 miles of trails – usually each day. We also mark all of the trails so that Snowmobilers will follow the trail. For each mile of trail, it takes 18 blazer signs, 4 stop ahead signs, 4 stop signs, and 8 information signs. All at a cost of $218 per mile of trail.

What about the cost of the Groomers and fuel to run the Groomers? Our Club owns Four (4) groomers and Four (4) drags. The cost of each groomer is $140,000 and each drag is $9,000. And, of course, don’t forget the diesel fuel to operate each groomer. Our 100% Volunteers do all of the grooming of the trails as well as the maintenance on the grooming equipment. The initial purchase and maintenance costs of the equipment is funded through membership dues, fundraisers and some monies by the State for grooming the trails that are State owned.

We need your help and sponsorship. Membership in our Club provides You with a monthly newsletter plus membership in the AWSC with it’s 9 monthly Snowmobile Wisconsin magazines.

A membership application can be found by clicking ”JOIN OUR CLUB” in the MENU, Click on the slash marks at the upper right hand corner.  This will allow you to join using a credit card, or print out the paper application and mail in a check!

Welcome to one and all.