Trail Passes and Safety

2017-2018 Snowmobile Trail Passes

If you belong to a snowmobile club (Hopefully Cross Country Cruisers!) go two AWSC’s Website to print a form or order the DISCOUNTED trail pass online.  If you do not belong to a club, you will have to obtain the trail pass from the Wisconsin DNR.

Effective July 1, 2015 each sled operating on a WI public snowmobile trail will be required to display a Wisconsin trail pass,  to be purchased annually.  To see more detailed information, please click here. Additional information, including antique snowmobiles, please click here.

How much & where to order the WI Trail Pass click here.


Coming from out of state?

Wisconsin law requires those who use Wisconsin snowmobile trails to display both their Wisconsin registration and a snowmobile trail pass. Funds from this program will be designated for use as trail aids and related costs to enhance all Wisconsin snowmobile recreation.

The trail pass may be purchased over the counter at many authorized sales locations or by calling WDNR at 1-888-WDNRINFo (1-888-936-7463)

The current $50 non-resident snowmobile trail pass is valid from July 1st, 2017 through June 30th, 2018.

A snowmobile trail pass is required to operate a snowmobile not currently registered in Wisconsin on a snowmobile trail.  The snowmobile must be currently registered with another jurisdiction.  The trail pass must be permanently affixed by its own adhesive to the bottom center portion of the snowmobile windshield. If there is no windshield, the sticker shall be displayed in a highly visible location on the front of the cowling of the snowmobile.  Once affixed, the sticker may not be removed or transferred to another snowmobile.

Snowmobile Safety

Were You or Your child born after 1984 and want to operate a Snowmobile? A Snowmobile Safety Certification Course approved by the Wisconsin DNR will need to be taken. Check for available classes in your area.

Registration sticker information

New stickers are being issued with die cut word VOID. Read this info from DNR about the stickers.

A tale of two VOIDs: There will be a couple of times customers will question you on “Why do my new stickers say VOID?!?!” You can help them figure that out by asking a one question: “Is the word VOID printed in black ink below the year or does it look to be stamped or cut into the decal itself?”

If the word VOID is printed in black ink below the year, as in the 2018 example below, this indicates that customer transferred the vehicle without renewing. Regardless of what “expiration year” is printed on the decal, if the word VOID is printed in black ink, the decal is VOID.

If the word VOID appears stamped or cut into the decal itself, this is a safety feature to prevent someone from transferring the decal from one vehicle to another. You can see an example on the green 2019 decal below as well.